Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck Driving Tips: 10 Ways to Keep You Safe on the Road

Driver safety is an important topic in the truck driving industry. Many accidents and injuries can be prevented by following certain safety procedures. As a truck driver, there are some simple things that you can do every day to ensure your own safety, as well as the safety of other drivers who share the road. We are happy to share a few of those safety tips below.

1. Wear Your Seatbelt

Studies show that roughly 1 in 6 truck drivers do not wear their safety belts. The use of seatbelts is not only required, but it’s also the most preventable way to reduce injury. More than 40% of crash-related deaths occur every year from not wearing a seatbelt.

2. Avoid Using Your Cell Phone While Driving

Not only is it careless, but it is now illegal in most states to use a handheld mobile phone while driving. Talking, texting or looking at your phone screen is distracting and can lead to a serious accident.

3. Be Aware of Speed Limits

Speed limits are there, especially ones specifically noted for trucks. Stay within the speed limit and you will stay safer on the road.

4. Keep Constant Tabs on Your Trailer

One of the most important tips for truck drivers of any experience level is making sure you’re keeping constant tabs on your trailer. No matter where you are, you must make sure your entire vehicle is in good driving condition. To avoid any accidents, a driver will want to do a pre-trip inspection before heading back onto the road as a necessary precaution.

5. Plan Your Trip

There are all sorts of unexpected events that could occur on the road, but having a plan can make you more prepared. The better you have your trip planned out (driving hours, routes, weather scouting, etc.), the safer your journey will be.

6. Mind Your Truck’s Space Cushion

Always be mindful of your truck’s large height and weight. Make sure there is a safe space cushion around all sides of the vehicle to prevent accidents.

7. Slow Down for Turns/Curves

Be careful when making turns on a curvy road or at an off-ramp. Slow down accordingly to adjust for lane changes and other vehicles.

8. Maintain a Proper Stopping Distance

Make sure to maintain ample stopping distance between you and any vehicles ahead of you. Keeping your head forward and reducing distractions will help you avoid close interactions.

9. Watch Out for the Weather

Certain parts of the country are known for having unpredictable weather, but try to keep track of changes and avoid dangerous driving conditions whenever possible.

10. Eat Healthy and Get Your Rest

Eating healthy and staying hydrated provides drivers with many benefits that typically go unacknowledged. Staying away from sugary foods and drinks will prevent your energy from crashing when you least expect it. A balanced diet and limiting over-consumption of substances such as caffeine will actually improve alertness. Getting the job completed is, of course, the primary objective, but taking care of your body is something that cannot be overlooked. Don’t settle for junk foods from the pit stop and you’ll experience improvements in your performance and overall health.

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