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Team Truck Driving – Pros and Cons

Team truck driving is when two truckers partner up and drive the same truck.

It is not very common, but some companies out there are looking and encouraging team driving. The benefit of team driving allows them for long – haul shipments to be made faster.

In most cases, the team is:

– Husband and wife

– Two truck drivers from different states

– Two partners that share the truck…

Team truck driving top 4 pros:

You Will Have Improved Physical and Mental Health

In most of the cases, the truck drivers get depressed when they are away from home. Addition for that is the loneliness that is typical for single truck drivers. Loneliness causes depression and sleep apnea, and it will be a foreign word for you if you get involved in team driving jobs.

Chit Chat

One of the most obvious pros to team truck driving is the ability to have company.

There will be times when having a partner to chat with can help ward off the boredom of being on the road. Team driving can also make difficult driving easier, having a partner available to help with any troubleshooting can be a huge advantage.


With a two-person team, you have the ability to decrease your time as you can switch off driving while one person sleeps. Because this dramatically lowers the time per shipment you may be able to receive better pay and will be able to take more jobs.


When you’re in a tough parking spot or dealing with rough road conditions or detours, having another set of eyes to help you navigate can be very helpful. It is also nice to simply share the beautiful scenery of the road.

Team truck driving top 4 pros:

You don’t have any alone time

Especially if you chose this job because you love your own company most of the time, team driving is definitely not for you. It means you will spend 24/7 with this one person in a confined space. Even if it is your sibling we are talking about, if you are the type of person who wants to be alone most of the time, this is a bad idea for you.

You’re not in charge anymore

You are never literally your own boss, but it’s different when you are driving solo. Team driving means there will definitely be some power struggle. Yes, the person who is behind the wheel at the moment is in charge then, but compromises must be done, too. If you are a compatible person in general, then you will be fine. Keep in mind that the other person should also be like you.

More stops

Now it’s not just your needs that you consider, it’s both your needs. Team drivers are under pretty strict schedules and at the mercy of their co-driver, as well as delivery schedules. It is not going to be easy to satisfy both all of the time.

Sleeping is harder

You took years to learn how not to fall asleep while on the road, and now you need to fall asleep while on the road. Maybe the roads will be bumpy; maybe your team driver wants to hear loud music etc.

Being in a truck with someone else constantly is not easy. That is why there are a few cons to team truck driving. It has to be the right person and someone you trust (or gains your trust).

What are your opinions of team truck driving? Let us know in the comments section below.

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